Inspiring Wall Decals for Nurseries

by Rodney Hurlbut on January 09, 2020

Designing Your Nursery with an Extra Touch

So, you are having a baby! Congratulations. I’m sure that you have already begun the nursery preparation. If not, it is a good time to get started. Nursery wall decor establishes the tone of the room, but decorating it delivers the facelift the room truly needs in order to be ready for your new bundle of joy.

One sure way to enhance your nursery is to use removable nursery wall decals. However, not every brand or type is equal. Some can only be removed maybe 5 times if you are lucky while others can be removed and reattached to suit your liking over and over again.

You remember when you painted a room and decided that you didn’t like the look after everything was all said and done? Well, peel and stick wall decals allow you to change the design until you are 100% satisfied with the results.

Some brands of wall decals are more prone to tearing while some are tough enough to withstand repetitive peel and stick action.

Yendo Print was founded to solve the above problems to ensure that people can truly get wall decals that are both reliable and visually appealing while also inspiring the imagination. We offer a wide variety of nursery wall decals to suit any theme you need, such as personalized wall stickers, cute animal decals, sleepy-time décor, and hundreds of other nursery themes. Many customers purchase several different themed decals and mix them up to form the right theme for their new nursery room.

Read on to get some great inspirational ideas to bring your nursery to life!

Inspire Smiles with Animals and Trees

Kids love animals and babies are no exception. Using nature-themed decals with cartoonish animals is a great way to make your baby feel at home. This YP1455 Wild about Nature nursery decal set fits the need perfectly. Line them up along the wall or scatter them around to suit your desire. They deliver a friendly, happy environment to the room no matter how you place them. Trees introduce a nature-like feel that your baby will remember as it grows older and will most likely associate it with the great outdoors.

Living on a Farm? You Might Enjoy These Farm Life Nursery Wall Decals

For those that live on a farm, why not introduce the newborn to the world of farm life with cartoon animals and a cute red barn. The YP1416 Life on the Farm wall decal set includes a variety of animals plus a bright red barn. Just like the animals in the previous decal set, these guys are adorable and colorful.

Bring Out the Train Decals with a Personalized Name

For boys, anything with wheels is often a common attraction. Build a transportation theme and start with this personalized train decal set that gives the room some inspiration. The YP1214 Personalized Nursery Train wall decal set includes 4 cars with a puffing engine and lots of color for visual perception and development.

Add Silliness and Add Smiles

A handful of monkeys just hanging about can deliver happiness without a doubt. They offer welcoming smiles and look like they’re ready for fun.

Monkeys are a common nursery theme for both boys and girls.

This YP1488 Monkeying Around personalized nursery wall decal set is geared more towards girls, but there are other designs available with a boyish theme. Spread the monkeys around the room or keep them on one wall, probably one your child will see while laying down. No matter what you do, these monkeys won’t cause any trouble. You can even add some other animals to the wall like birds, squirrels, or even some zoo animals towards the bottom.

For more information on our decals, visit our shop page and find your very own inspiration and theme!

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