5 Great Wall Decorating Tips for Your Child's Room

by Rodney Hurlbut on January 09, 2020

Utilize Wall Décor Tips that Motivate the Imagination and Creativity

Every child is unique, carrying their own personality, thought processes, developmental abilities, likes, dislikes, and imagination. At this stage, their mind is still developing as they get older. The environment around them is their world and since their toy room, playroom, or bedroom is a place they spend time in, making it their own personalized space helps promote character, imagination, brain development, and a place of comfort for them.

Decorating the walls is one sure way to bring the room alive and tailor it to fit their individual personality too.

Wall colors, wall accents, and wall art like removable wall decals and paintable stencils are just a few ways to give the room a little excitement and create a fun atmosphere that they enjoy hanging around in. Here are 5 creative wall decorating ideas to enhance your child’s room with inspiration and creativity.

#1: Brighten the Room with Colorful Paint

Kids love colors so those tan or white walls make the environment a little bland. Bright colors promote energy and resemble fun to children. You can paint the walls one color or mix it up a little with different colors on each wall. Create two-tone designs on a single wall or even all of them with something like a blue top half meshed with a green bottom. You can even split the colors vertically for a really unique look.

Paintable stencils are another way to design those walls and can offer a few more colors to the room.

#2: Spice up The Room with Some Kids Removable Wallpaper

‍Self-adhesive wallpaper is another quick way to decorate.You can easily find designs created for children online or in a retail store.You can even make your own and use tape! Why not throw some educational designs into the mix? For kids under 6, the alphabet and some numbers are a great addition. Run a strip across the top edges or along the middle of each wall.‍

Be creative and colorize their environment with cut sections of wallpaper too!

Place them in various areas, perhaps in an unordered, angled fashion. That makes the room unique and customizes the area to your child’s world. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is the simplest option and can be removed and possibly reused to switch the room’s design up whenever you like.

#3: Add Shelves to Add Personalization

Depending on the child’s age, wall shelves can add personalization to the room. They may need to be placed at an unreachable level or high enough to avoid bumping accidents, but they still serve to accent the walls with some style. Avoid heavy items that can fall and pose a danger if they are higher up unless you mount them securely.‍

Wall shelves are great for things like plush animals, school projects, self-standing letters, colorful blocks, or even some framed artwork.

#4: Add Chair Rail and Color It Up!

Chair rail is designed to protect walls at lower levels where furniture and other things can hit them. This is a great opportunity to preserve the room’s boundaries from self-standing shelves, dressers, or even chairs of course. Did you know that you can cut short pieces and place them lower down on the wall for toy boxes, headboards, and other furniture or toys? The shelves and dressers mentioned above should be safely attached to the wall to prevent falls, but they can still swing backward depending on the support’s design. Most bookcases, dressers, etc. use wire to hold them in place. Since children are highly active at times, you can see why chair rail comes in handy and why the furniture’s wall mounting hardware is important to use.

You want to preserve the look of the room and chair rail is one way to do that while adding a nice touch to the area.

If the room has a bookcase to promote reading and imagination, some chair rail is the perfect addition since those bookcases often get bumped. Now that you have some chair rail, you can decorate it with your child! That sounds like it would be a fun and creative activity, doesn’t it? When painting the chair rail before installation, let your child do some painting too. Of course, you can just let them paint a section or some stripes and then you can finish it up and fine tune it so it looks great!

Overall, if your child participates in the activity, they may want to spend more time in that room since they helped design it. In any case, use your imagination on this one.

#5: Build Creativity with Removable Wall Decals for Kids‍

Now, this is where the real fun begins! Removable wall stickers are a great way to let your child create their own walls without causing harm or delivering a permanent look. You may or may not like the look they create from time to time, but isn’t it all about letting your child build their own world in their own room? On the contrary, you still have control over what they have to work with and you can easily remove them if or when desired.

Wall decals are available in hundreds of categories like transportation, construction, mythical characters, farming animals, educational, ocean life, and plenty of other designs.‍

The cool thing with reusable wall décor like kid decals is that your child can remove them and reuse them whenever they want. This keeps the imaginative brain working while also giving them something to keep them out of trouble. The only challenge here is finding the right product for the job.Cheaper wall stickers may only survive 5 or 6 removable scenarios while others are strong enough to prevent cracking and tearing, as well as the loss of adhesive strength.

Wall Décor Can Promote Fun, Imagination, and Discovery

When it comes to children, creative activities help motivate their imagination and bring it alive. The environment plays a big role in promoting it. By spicing up your child’s room with colorful paint, wall shelves, wallpaper, chair rail, and wall decals; you create a fun learning space that is their very own!

Colors enrich the environment and enhance it for creativity while shelves decorate the atmosphere with personalization to fit the room. Chair rail protects the walls from impact while also providing a creative way to decorate and colorize. Wallpaper décor accents the room with things kids love and it adds style when used in various ways. Removable wall stickers let your child create their own worlds and own designs while also giving them something fun to do many times over! After all, the decals don’t hurt the walls that you enhanced and can even include educational wall decals like letters, numbers, and shapes to go with those rockets, zoo animals, farm life, ocean worlds, and mythical loves like unicorns and mermaids.

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